an expert team
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Clark Construction Company was founded on the belief that the client comes first. Let us serve as a foundation for your construction projects. Feel free to contact us and discover the Clark Advantage.

DPS Finney Synthetic Field

we make real use of the power of
Lean Construction techniques.

Leveraging technology, pre-fabrication, and pull planning to make the construction process more
safe, efficient, and less costly. Let us put these concepts to use on your next project!


talented people
& an innovative take on
construction management

If you are looking for an advocate to assist you through the construction process,
look no further!

What We Do

The key to a successful construction project is not just a sustainable design with an attractive and functional building as the end product. Construction management is a deliberate and collaborative process, with a team dedicated to its safe and successful completion.

To achieve this, we at Clark Construction draw on our greatest assets – our people and Branded Services. Our team is experienced, as well as purposeful and passionate about making every construction project we tackle a memorable success. The next time you are faced with a complicated renovation or are contemplating a new building, consider allowing Clark to become your construction partner.

Experience the difference of the Clark Advantage.

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