Shaw Hall Dining Renovations

Project Size:

Contract Type:
Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Michigan State University

Neumann/Smith & Associates

LEED Status:
LEED Gold Certified

East Lansing, MI

The Shaw Hall project is Michigan State University’s first to utilize Integrated Project Delivery. Clark Construction Company and Neumann/Smith have joined Michigan State University in the university’s first IPD project – renovation of Shaw Hall. The team is committed to “pure” IPD practices, which requires collaboration of all key project stakeholders. All project team members are fully vested in the project’s success, which includes sharing in the financial risk.

Our collaborative efforts on the project has emphasized project goals that include Lean Principles:

  • Coupling learning with action
  • Designing to budget
  • Facility optimization
  • Fully integrated design solutions
  • Elimination of wasted effort
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