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Little River Casino Resort Project Complete

Clark Construction Company’s renovation project at the Little River Casino Resort in Manistee, Michigan, was recently completed. The project includes three larger conference rooms receiving upgraded fixtures, finishes, and sound attenuation. A VIP lounge received a major upgrade and is located at the main entry of the Casino. Upgrades to the first phase of the hotel (50 rooms per phase) was completed earlier this year. The final venue that was completed was the new sports bar. The bar includes several HD flat screens, polished concrete floors, and a new kitchen. It is designed with local Michigan sports memorabilia and theming.

Just recently several other venues were completed. Those venues include the second phase of of hotel renovations, renovations to finishes across the entire gaming floor, a new High Limits bar, a new Spa and pool(s) area, a new deli, gaming pit ceiling/lights upgrade,

Progress on Jackson National Project

JNL Project Is Coming Along!

Here are photos of the Jackson National Headquarters 4th Floor Executive Suite Renovation project.  We do not use the elevators, and due to lower protruding roof areas, a buck hoist was not an option. Our team is instead utilizing a mobile landing platform and overhead garage door.  The platform can be drawn back into the building to allow the garage door to close and seal the envelope when the platform is not being used.